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Custom Seinfeld Main Characters Cartoon Depiction

Who said it? Seinfeld quiz - Season 2-

How well do you know your Seinfeld quotes? Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are classic characters with unique styles and voices. Can you tell them apart from a single line? We'll give you 10 lines said during season 2-. Your challenge is to choose the character who said each line.

The lines are pulled from our database at random. That means you can play the same quiz over and over. No more of these quizzes that you can only play once. We'll give you 10 random lines each time you play.

The questions come with five hints to help you identify the correct episode. Be careful. You will be penalized for every hint you reveal.


Location: The scene where the line was spoken.

Previous Line Speaker: The speaker of the line just before the given line.

Previous Line: The line just before the given line.

Next Line Speaker: The speaker of the line just after the given line.

Next Line: The line just after the given line.


Question Value: 10 points

Revealed Hint Value: -1 point

Quiz Score: 100 Possible Points

Enjoy the internet's best Seinfeld quiz - Who said it?

Question 1

Question 1 Hints

Question 2

Question 2 Hints

Question 3

Question 3 Hints

Question 4

Question 4 Hints

Question 5

Question 5 Hints

Question 6

Question 6 Hints

Question 7

Question 7 Hints

Question 8

Question 8 Hints

Question 9

Question 9 Hints

Question 10

Question 10 Hints