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Movie Actor Challenge Custom Drawing

Movie actor challenge

Have you ever heard of the game 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? This is that game. Although, we let you play it using any two actors.

The concept is simple. Any actors who appeared in the same movie will have 1 as their degree of separation number. The degree of separation number will increase as additional movies and actors have to be added in order to complete the pathway.

Example #1: Kevin Bacon was in Apollo 13 with Ed Harris. So, the Ed Harris - Kevin Bacon degree of separation number is 1.

Example #2: Kevin Bacon was in Apollo 13 with Ed Harris, who was in Stepmom with Julia Roberts. So, the Julia Roberts - Kevin Bacon degree of separation number is 2.

Your challenge is to create the shortest pathway possible between any two actors of your choosing. If you need help choosing the actors, let the computer provide them for you.

Once the actors are chosen, you will then be given a blank movie field. If you think the two actors have appeared in the same movie, type in that movie. If not, click the button to add a second degree of separation. Continue this process until you have created a pathway connecting the two initial actors.

Once you are ready, submit your answers and the computer will let you know if you were successful.

You can view our full list of movies and actors included in the database.

Do you want to let the computer build the actor pathway for you? Check out our movie actor connection.

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